Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Rookie Act of 2012

I read that 2012 featured the most acts to have debuted in a year and I can see from the number of new songs that comes out each and every week. Some of them good and some of them are okay. Some of my choices might not be the popular choices but I think these guys deserves a mention for those that overlooked these acts throughout the year. Do you guys agree with me?

1. BtoB

BtoB is definitely one of my favourite new acts this year. I originally didn't take notice of their debut 'Insane' but actually started liking them from 'Father', a beautiful ballad that also showcased the group's vocal capabilities. From then on, I discovered that they had more great music in their debut EP. They got even better with their latest (definitely gonna be mentioning them in my upcoming posts).

2. Busker Busker

Sometimes I like listening to folk-tinged music, the kind you wanna be listening to on a road trip or on any sunny day out. It started with their debut Cherry Blossom Ending, continued with Yeosu Night Sea and the rest of their debut album. My favourite K-Pop band so far.

3. EXO
I didn't really took notice of EXO when they debuted. I just listen a bit of Mama and I shrugged it off thinking it would have some weird music arrangement that will confuse you. I figured I should give them a listen as recommended by a reader. The song that got me liking them is actually 'Angel', a beautiful R&B ballad in the vines of SHINee's signature ballads. I bought their debut CD and got hooked to most of tracks especially 'What Is Love?', another R&B track which gets you hooked to singing the lyrics.

4. Phantom
Phantom is not the average K-Pop group. They claim they're more Hip-Hop also. Their debut 'Burning' instantly got me hooked and is one of my favourite track to come out this year. Another track also stood out for me was 'Where You At?', which is more R&B than Burning's rock background.

5. C-Clown/Baek A Yeon

I'm torn for fifth place as I can't decide which act I like better. Both acts have only 1 song that I like from them and those songs are really really good. 1 is the recent uptempo R&B Pop ballad, "Far Away... Young Love" from C-Clown and the other, the sad ballad "Sad Song" from Baek A Yeon. Both are different in their own way but are just so good that you don't get bored listening to them.

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