Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best OST Songs of 2012

I'm gonna start of with my top OST songs of 2012. I don't really watch K-Dramas, simply because sometimes I find it a bit draggy. The only drama I completed watching was 'Rooftop Prince' simply cuz it had a good mixture of comedy and drama which made it more bearable. I'm currently watching 'Reply 1997' as well cuz I think it's something unique and never been done before. Hopefully I can finish watching that (missed the last episode already...). My top picks are either from these 2 dramas (and the Romantic & Idol) that I watched or I heard the song from somewhere and instantly loved it. Any of these are you favourite?

1. Kilgu & Bong-Gu - Shine

Not sure if I got the singers' names right. Among all the songs featured in Rooftop Prince, this is my top favourite. Definitely one I want to attempt to sing at a noraebang.

2. Infinite - Fantasy

I wish the song was released over here. It has that fun "poppy" vibe to it. A bit of A-ha's Take on Me as well. A perfect opening montage song.

3. Jun. K - Love... Goodbye

Jun. K has the best voice of 2PM. I've always wanted to hear him sing a really slow ballad that shows of his unique tone. This definitely did it for me. Did he wrote it as well? If he did, then props to his songwriting talent as well. Tried to watch the drama but stopped halfway though.

4. Seo In Guk & Jeong Eun Ji - All For You

First time I listen to it, it didn't caught my ears immediately. But after watching their live performance on M! Countdown, I figured maybe I should download and listen to it in the car. After a few listen, I was hooked. I read that this song was actually a remake since the OST is inspired by 90's songs. Either way, I'll probably like this version better since I heard it first.

5. ZE:A - Beautiful Girl

Not sure if this one is meant for the OST of Romantic & Idol but it was featured in it though and the MV are highlights of the Hyungsik/Jihyun couple from the show. This was newly released so it's still fresh in my playlist.

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