Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best Albums of 2012

Hope it's not too late to wish Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a great 2012 and looking forward to a greater 2013! Well, my review of 2012 K-Pop continues with my favourite album releases of last year. Among the very few albums I bought, I discovered great music that made my purchases worth the money I shelved out for it. Here are my top 5!

1. BtoB - Press Play
Yes! A rookie group's release is my favourite album of 2012. Every single song on this 6-track piece is single-worthy and has its own appeal. I used to like the late 90's/early 00's boyband pop so the songs in this album are right up my alley. Until now, I've yet to take the tracks off my playlists. I initially bought the tracks thru iTunes, then bought the physical CD during my 2nd trip to Korea. The origami-styled packaging is cool as well! Well worth it!

2. B1A4 - Ignition (Special Edition)
When 'Sleep Well, Goodnight' came out, I got addicted to it that I figured I should give the rest of the album a try. I was a bit skeptical at that time as my only previous exposure to B1A4 was Beautiful Target which I thought was a 'I Gotta Feeling' rip-off (It's starting to grow on me now though ;p). The 15-track album is totally filled with great pop music. I was surprised that most of them were written by the guys themselves. Talented bunch! Among my favourites are Because of You, This Time is Over, Baby I'm Sorry, Smile and the beautiful ballad Crush.

3. BtoB - Born to Beat (Asia Special Edition)
Although Father was the song that made me like BtoB, I've grown to like all the songs on this album. The best songs are actually those that weren't released as singles. Monday to Sunday was written by Jorgen Eloffson who wrote for the likes of Britney and 'NSYNC so you would have to expect it to be good. Imagine is an awesome track, a sort of darker ballad that is different from your typical pop.

4. Exo-K - Mama
I was a late fan of Exo. After a few listen of Mama that I manage to take in the song. Took a chance and bought the album. Loved all but one song (Two Moons didn't really grow on me). My favourite tracks keeps changing. First it was Angel, then Machine, then History and now it's What is Love?.

5. Busker Busker - 1st Album
Here's another rookie release I loved. I think this won Best Album at the recent Melon Music Awards and I definitely agree of that title. You's be afraid that it's filled with the same music through out but I actually enjoyed a lot of the tracks which really gives you that sense of relaxation, if that makes sense. Some of my favourites besides Cherry Blossom Ending would have to be Yeosu Night Sea, First Love and Loneliness Amplifier.

Other candidates I should mention:
1. K-Will - The Third Album
2. Boyfriend - Janus
3. U-Kiss - Stop Girl

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