Thursday, December 19, 2013

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For now, I felt it's best to stick with my main blog for all my blog entry. Korea related posts will be posted there from now on. Head on over to Thanks for your support.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Since then...

Erkk...It has been awfully quiet here. My bad. I really need to start writing again. Since my last post, a lot has happened I guess. I just returned from my summer trip to Korea. That's my 3rd time! Don't know why I love it so much. And... I'm already planning to return to Seoul end of this year. Maybe I should consider moving there. Haha. Anyways, hopefully I can conquer my laziness and start writing again.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Music: Don't Want to be an Idol by VIXX

In anticipation of their upcoming EP, VIXX has pre-released a song last week as a teaser. Now I'm still unclear if this is the title track but judging from the video teaser they posted, I don't think it is. I wished they made a video for this though as I thought this was a great ballad. Instantly liked it the on my first listen. The EP will be released on the 17th of January so we'll have to wait a bit to get it. Enjoy! Lyrics are after the break.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Music: I Got A Boy by Girls' Generation

I should've posted this sooner. Who wasn't excited for the comeback of the year after a 14-month absence from the K music scene (If you exclude sub-unit activities)? Girls' Generation are back with a new album and their title track is 'I Got a Boy'. Now I have to admit, on my first listen, I didn't really get it. Simply because there were a few beat changes that made the songs felt messy. After listening it a few times, I've learned to accept it and been humming to it ever since. Hopefully they'll do a repackage album and come out with a more awesome track. Lyrics after the break.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best Albums of 2012

Hope it's not too late to wish Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a great 2012 and looking forward to a greater 2013! Well, my review of 2012 K-Pop continues with my favourite album releases of last year. Among the very few albums I bought, I discovered great music that made my purchases worth the money I shelved out for it. Here are my top 5!

1. BtoB - Press Play
Yes! A rookie group's release is my favourite album of 2012. Every single song on this 6-track piece is single-worthy and has its own appeal. I used to like the late 90's/early 00's boyband pop so the songs in this album are right up my alley. Until now, I've yet to take the tracks off my playlists. I initially bought the tracks thru iTunes, then bought the physical CD during my 2nd trip to Korea. The origami-styled packaging is cool as well! Well worth it!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Rookie Act of 2012

I read that 2012 featured the most acts to have debuted in a year and I can see from the number of new songs that comes out each and every week. Some of them good and some of them are okay. Some of my choices might not be the popular choices but I think these guys deserves a mention for those that overlooked these acts throughout the year. Do you guys agree with me?

1. BtoB

BtoB is definitely one of my favourite new acts this year. I originally didn't take notice of their debut 'Insane' but actually started liking them from 'Father', a beautiful ballad that also showcased the group's vocal capabilities. From then on, I discovered that they had more great music in their debut EP. They got even better with their latest (definitely gonna be mentioning them in my upcoming posts).

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best OST Songs of 2012

I'm gonna start of with my top OST songs of 2012. I don't really watch K-Dramas, simply because sometimes I find it a bit draggy. The only drama I completed watching was 'Rooftop Prince' simply cuz it had a good mixture of comedy and drama which made it more bearable. I'm currently watching 'Reply 1997' as well cuz I think it's something unique and never been done before. Hopefully I can finish watching that (missed the last episode already...). My top picks are either from these 2 dramas (and the Romantic & Idol) that I watched or I heard the song from somewhere and instantly loved it. Any of these are you favourite?

1. Kilgu & Bong-Gu - Shine

Not sure if I got the singers' names right. Among all the songs featured in Rooftop Prince, this is my top favourite. Definitely one I want to attempt to sing at a noraebang.